Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you prepared emotionally for campus placements???


New academic year has begun where fresh batches are getting familiar to new institute and senior batches are enjoying their seniority. The time is flying and in few days companies will start hitting the college campus for placements. Institutes will train students on interview skills, GD techniques etc.

Every year placement experience is like a roller costar ride. In spite of providing academic and employability techniques students face emotional shocks during placement seasons at campus.  Good students need to wait for a long time to get placed. It is an emotional process which students go through. They face rejections and they face reality. This is a time they come across bewilderment and fell drifting.

During such turbulence they cannot deal with emotions and lead to frustration. This result in loosing opportunities on campus.

Here are few things which students can consider and prepare themselves emotionally:

Self- emotional analysis- You need to know what kind of nature you have. Do you get frustrate quickly?  Do you get emotionally disturb by looking at your friend’s success? Or you are fine with waiting for what you want?  i.e. patience or impatience.

Develop a strategy wait or grab –After conducting self analysis you may find yourself that you have patience then you can wait for an opportunity what you are looking for. That can be an industry, company, job role, expected salary or even location. But the disadvantage of this can be you may drop good openings and you may not get for what you are waiting. As actually no one know beforehand which all companies will come to campus.  And other possibility can be if these companies arrive whether they will pick you or not. You can consider past data of the companies who have visited regularly but still it is not 100% safe. But you have patience so you will handle the pressure very well.

If you find yourself impatience- The strategy may be that is focus on broad industry or job roles or even salary. Eg. You want marketing job in IT industry then do not look for brands, salary, locations etc. just apply and grab that job when IT Company is on campus. But in this strategy there are few drawbacks like better brands may come in future and they may offer better packages/ role. But if your strategy is ready with you these things will not matter to you.

Digest rejections- Prepare you emotionally for rejection. If company reject you that does not mean you are not a good candidate. It just that you are not fitting in the job requirement or someone has performed better than you. Try to keep yourself positive and give best in the next interview.

Wish you all the best for your campus placements !!!


  1. I wish I could have got such a useful article to read when I was going through my placement season..this is really helpful mam.....I am sure this is gona benefit all future MBAs upto a great extent

    1. Thank you Raghvendra. I experienced this while handling student counselling. Thought it will help student community.

  2. Its a wonderful article ma'am... Its really important to be emotionally strong and have a clear outlook towards where we are heading towards...
    Back again to you lectures where apart from mere subject matter you used to focus on overall perspective building.
    Hope to see more blogs from you ma'am...!! :)